Well into 2017

So, this is 2017, weeks and months have gone since my last update.

As i’ve already mentioned earlier, this site is for my own benefit rather than anything else,
so my excuse is kinda half – hearted 🙂

Since last time, i’ve invested in several google home units, which works well with my smart home solution.
The only sad part is the language support, however, i’ll figure it’ll get better over time.

Also bought and integrated a Neato botvac connected vacuum cleaner in my setup.
This is thanks to a member of the community, and to Neato for opening up their api.
Link to the required setup for integration:

All well then, or not, this presented me with a new problem on the first run, my botvac is a climber 🙂
Or, my Scandinavian furniture is to low, either way i had to solve it.
So after a little mind scratching, i designed a bumper add on for my neato, really simple actually but works.
Uploaded a picture and the files for you to 3d print yourself Here / Thingiverse.

Also, today was the day for Samsung galaxy unpacked, which i watched off course.
I have my pre-order in for the S8, do you?


So this is the first post, i’ll guess introductions are in place…
Im a guy from Norway, highly interested in everything techy.
Whether or not is a simple construction or complex robotics, coding, whatever.
Working full time as a service engineer, and a single parent.
Living together with my daughter, and our dog, or as i call him; my technical consultant and adviser 🙂
My sparetime is mostly used on previous mentioned, and beside that i’m renovating our house.
This kinda brings my other interest together with my commitments, as im off course integrating a smarthouse system at the same time im renovating the house 🙂
So, this is simply a site mostly for myself, as to keep track of what im doing (sort of), and maybe providing some resource for others.
This aint a blog, nor anything else structured, posting will be done somewhat random.
And if you want to know more, read my about me page 🙂