About me!

My name is Stian and i’m from Norway,
Working full time as a service engineer, and a single parent.
Living together with my daughter, and our dog or as i call him; my technical consultant and adviser ?
Since i was a child, i’ve been curious about everything.
Whether it was a Walkman, lego, or my first computer, i had the urge do disassemble it.
Always wondered how stuff works, and what makes it work, and off course how i could improve it to suit my needs more.
This has led me to my daily job, that combines my urge to figure things out with high degree of freedom.
At work, i combine days of some mechanical work, electrical work, hydraulic and pneumatic work, and off course some programming, PLS, etc
-Love it.
However, that doesnt satisfy all my needs.

Then when i bought my house late 2013, mostly due to the property and view from the property.
I realized that the house would need alot off work.
Being untouched since it was built in the 1940/1950’s, it didn’t even have a bathroom.
It didn’t take long before i figured out i would happily integrate a smarthome system within it.
But taken into account that i maybe wont be living here forever, i wanted something that also was removable, with no sign off being there ever.
After a look and long reading over several months about different systems and technologies, like KNX, zigbee, LON, etc.
The choice finally fell on Smartthings.
This is due to easy component availability across europe, supporting different protocols, components usually fits within electrical boxes, and so on.

Off course this isn’t available here in Norway/Scandinavia, which ment i had to import it.

I’ve already come a long way with my house, so post’s about stuff already done will come somewhat randomly.