So this is the first post, i’ll guess introductions are in place…
Im a guy from Norway, highly interested in everything techy.
Whether or not is a simple construction or complex robotics, coding, whatever.
Working full time as a service engineer, and a single parent.
Living together with my daughter, and our dog, or as i call him; my technical consultant and adviser 🙂
My sparetime is mostly used on previous mentioned, and beside that i’m renovating our house.
This kinda brings my other interest together with my commitments, as im off course integrating a smarthouse system at the same time im renovating the house 🙂
So, this is simply a site mostly for myself, as to keep track of what im doing (sort of), and maybe providing some resource for others.
This aint a blog, nor anything else structured, posting will be done somewhat random.
And if you want to know more, read my about me page 🙂

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