Some rant…

kitchen controls
So, today is Tuesday, 04.10.2016,
A little tired after sitting up to 4 AM coding last night, more about that later…
-Except the fact that it’s a regular working day, today Google going to announce some things.
And they’re telling us that it’s gonna be big…
Really dont care for several about the rumors out there, except for one thing:
Google Home.
I’ve been sitting on the fence for a long time regarding the amazon echo, due to both my wait for Google Home,
but also due to the incompatibility of geolocation of the echo outside supported countries.
To put it in another way, I’m in no way interested in the weather, traffic, and etc. in the US.
Among other things.
Other reasons are that i already have other things that speak well with each other, my Nest thermostats, Protect’s, and cameras working great with my smartthings.
As we’ve already know, Google owns Nest, so i would guess this will have good communication from the start.
Other reason to point out is that Google already seem to have decided for supporting SmartThings.
Have read several rumors about that, including THIS article from
For those interested in more about this, you can read more several places, like ArsTechnica .

Some of the codewriting from tonight included a new device handler for my home,
This is a part of my renovation project of my living and dining room.
In which the question was that since I already have a Nest thermostat in my kitchen, it seems a bit overkill to have another one 1 meter from it in the dining room, so how do i control the underfloor heating I’ve mounted.
Which i tried to ask the community about what they thought, but nobody had any solution for it.
Even if i wanted to use the Nest thermostat i would have to make a custom setup, as the load is higher than what the Heat link can safely switch.
So the result was using a Fibaro relay, which can handle the load fine.
But as the dimmers, the original Fibaro device handler type is a generic multichannel z-wave device.
This wouldn’t work well with my rules, that are listening of the Nest thermostat and simply follow that.
So I’ve compiled a new device handler last night, wasn’t suppose to do it, but since i anyway was checking other things on the computer, why not?
-Anyways, the Device Handler can be found on my Git here: FGS-212 (clicky)
NB: As I’ve said, this is something i threw together really quickly, and therefore isn’t finished/polished in any ways yet.
Some things you’ll find if you look in the code is that i used the whole capability and parameter list/configure, as i didn’t bother go through it manually, just threw it in from my repo collection that i had from before.
The ones not supported by the other config codes just do a whole lot a nothing anyways 🙂
Seems to work in its rough shape now, however not sure about pwr monitoring though.
Maybe I’ll check later tonight.

Figured that would be the best way to do it as it is an open solution across almost my whole 1st floor, and kitchen and dining room are next to each other.
From my experience, the sunload and other factors in these two rooms are similar.
Therefore: Kitchen-Nest thermostat, Dining room-Fibaro relay that follows the Nest Thermostat.
And if i can kick myself to do it, i will mount the Nest Thermostat that i have laying in the living room.
In the living room my sunlight conditions are a little bit different (Whole lot a sun, all day), so the sunload sensor of the Nest will come in handy.

Now, lets see what Google have in store for us then 🙂

Okey then, the announcement are over,
Homerun for smartthings by the looks of it 😀
Also, if you watch the introduction video, there’s a sneak peak of the connection with Nest at the end of the video.
Promised integration with Hue, SmartThings, and Nest.
Introduction Video – Not new, but confirmed at this point 🙂

Bathroom light join forces with my bathroom in-wall speakers


So in order to do this, my device handler wasn’t really up to par.
Using Fibaro Dimmer 2 behind my Elko switch converted to momentary switch.
The device handler in smartthings for this dimmer isn’t the best,
but thanks to hajar, there was an alternative handler available.
figured ill try it, it works pretty well, better then the handler that is automatically assigned when pairing.
It doesn’t have a completely coverage for my use, maybe fault is laying at smartthings also.
Haven’t checked the logs yet.
smartthings still doesn’t register correctly in the system when light is turned on or off, but shows correctly status in the smartapp, which is good enough for me 🙂
Also having the heos multiroom amp connected both with smartthings and ifttt i’ve figured ill try using it for the automation.
Worked great, but still a issue that you cant do ifttt rules based on time.
Solution for this was creating a virtual switch, that has timebased rules.
So the function tree for playing radio is like this: lights on – trigger ifttt to turn on virtual switch – if its within correct time, then turn on bathroom speakers.
And for turning off, there’s no time limit, didn’t bother as it doesn’t turn on if it isn’t the correct time.

I’ve forked the code for the handler here, huge thanks to hajar for the handler! 🙂

A notice about custom device handlers though, they wont work unless your connected to the web, as all custom codes runs in the cloud, only smartthings approved handlers works locally.
This renderers virtual switches useless in the event off an downtime.
However, didn’t worry about that in this setup, as i have a physical switch connected to the fibaro.
So in the event of downtime, the only thing that happens is that the fibaro wont tell the hub the correct state.
-No worries then, just waiting for family visiting to complain about the awful music in the bathroom whenever they’ll use the toilet 😛


So this is the first post, i’ll guess introductions are in place…
Im a guy from Norway, highly interested in everything techy.
Whether or not is a simple construction or complex robotics, coding, whatever.
Working full time as a service engineer, and a single parent.
Living together with my daughter, and our dog, or as i call him; my technical consultant and adviser 🙂
My sparetime is mostly used on previous mentioned, and beside that i’m renovating our house.
This kinda brings my other interest together with my commitments, as im off course integrating a smarthouse system at the same time im renovating the house 🙂
So, this is simply a site mostly for myself, as to keep track of what im doing (sort of), and maybe providing some resource for others.
This aint a blog, nor anything else structured, posting will be done somewhat random.
And if you want to know more, read my about me page 🙂